an information manager that helps get work done

a personal tool that ..

aligns to how you think

busy people work on a lot of things. You need an easy way to navigate your information.

Organized like a to-do list

No files and folders to manage. Just write what you want to get done and start doing.

Navigate Headspaces

Keep your sources of work separate. Volunteering, Work, Kids, Errands? Seamlessly shift between it all.

minimizes jumping

dive into a space and use the built-in tools to get work done.

Built in Work Tools

you get a browser and text editor at your disposal. You can spin up as many as you want.

Pinned References

pin relevant email, dashboards and messages at the top by headspace.

keeps context

information is fragmented. There's no good way to tie it all together.

Drag Web Content

You can drag email threads, social media posts and chat messages onto spaces

Share Spaces

Get a url that puts everyone on the same page. No more walls of links in chats.

your new superpower is . . . focus

tell me more...

what would I use this for?

amna excels the most for tasks that require focus and motivation:

  • writing essays
  • hunting for jobs
  • interviewing customers
  • paying multiple bills

is my data private?

Yes. All data stays 100% on your machine. This also improves responsiveness. We're also 99.9% sure that we'll be open-sourcing the client. No fishy business here.

what's the pricing?

amna is free. You can expect a paid plan in the future to enable data backups, syncing across devices and more collaborative features later.

does it work offline?

Yes and No. While in beta, we realized that it's easier to send fast and easy updates when online. If you ask, we can give you an offline version.

can I download it today?

Yes. Fill your interest below. We will set up some time to chat and get you started. We'll send you the link in your email.

when do you go out of beta?

We're on our way to 500 passionate users. Till we get there - we want to maintain a tight customer loop as we refine the product.

What does amna mean?

Amna [am-na] means caring. We think we need more of that in tech. We also need more caring user experiences.

ok. I'm ready to run

bonus points if you tell us why you're interested